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About us

Heaven in Earth is a merchants and trader of simple and well-made goods.

We specialize in products that complement and enhance everyday life. We believe in authentic wares made for the task at hand that will provide use and satisfaction for years.

Heaven in Earth is where useful is beautiful. We have been established in Australia for 15 years where our two sons were born, south of Sydney. 

Jocelyn was born in Manhattan. She spent her early years in Connecticut, and there will always be some part of the verdant forest in her. Justin grew up by Sydney's spectacular harbor, where he would prefer to be on his boat fishing. Sean can be found hunting for dragons, while Scott is consumed with his football, and our Jack Russell, Maculata, bounds through our native Eucalyptus forest.

But enough about the people; Heaven in Earth is located in Florida where our warehouse ships daily. We are proudly represented by Aesthetic Movement who have showrooms in Atlanta, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In New York we attend Shoppe Object where shops and designers can view and order our wares.

We have no bricks & mortar space, preferring the anonymity of the online space.

Enjoy x

Jocelyn and Maculata



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